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    Were Ancient Builders Trying To Tell Us Something?

    When I see some of the ancient structures of stone buildings and walls I am amazed at the complexity of how some of them were built. Even more bewildering is the sheer size and weight of many of those stones. These enormous pieces of stone, like the ones below, have been made to perfectly fit, not just in a stacked uniform fashion, but in what appears to be a completely random manner. This seems like this would have involved placing then removing and trimming each stone (probably many times over) until they fit together. But if you stop and think, if they could cut, move (sometimes miles) and stack stones weighing 100s of tons, this might not have been that difficult for them to do.

    Sometimes I feel as if they may have known their technology would have been lost to future civilizations and their message in their building was to tell us “yes we were smart… we were very, very smart!”

    This truly is extraordinary and amazing!!

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    Yes, these huge remnants of some highly advanced technology is something I doubt can be duplicated even today with all our advanced machines in which we need roads to move massive machines to even start such an endeavor anything this massive would have the surrounding area look like the construction site of Boulder Dam.
    No whoever was behind this construction had the means to transport hundreds of tons of rock with the ease of simply lifting and placing in position and I doubt they had anything resembling helicopters it would have been far more advanced to lift that kind of weight, another more mysterious construction is how in the world would someone cut slabs out of solid rock and are table square and smooth ? what kind of technology can cut and remove a slab of extremely hard and heavy rock leaving the surrounding stone untouched ? as evidenced by the photos below, I've tried to duplicate this with a block of clay and it cannot be done without damaging the material around the selected piece whatever the method was it was light years ahead of anything we have today and it's so funny every one of the skeptics who say aliens never were here cannot explain how these stones were cut and lifted out not a single one .... in fact they all skip over this as if it doesn't exist yea I do think we've had these aliens here on Earth to show man how to overcome obstacles in building some of the great temples and fortresses and possibly even built structures themselves for their own uses like the remains at Puma Punku yup ... we had aliens here. Karl

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    It is extraordinary & amazing, to a race who is still in the womb of civilization. It is common place to a more advanced race. I do believe that they were trying to tell us something, knowing that we would be barred from knowing how megaliths were made (because they barred us), they were saying "look, we are here & we can do this" this being the megaliths.

    We have got to embrace our own evolution. & look forward to the time when megalith technology is common place.

    & old news... : ) love & peace -LI

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    Yup true statements, I think that while the Ancient Alien TV show is very entertaining and loaded with remarkable footage of these awesome places I do not think the aliens were behind all the amazing things we see on this show, mankind had the remarkable ability to do amazing things without any intervention from an advanced alien race yea they probably did build some of these huge temples or at the very least SHOW man how to do it.

    I imagine they had some kind of prime directive involving too much mingling with the natives could it be they learned their lesson with some other worlds natives ? it's hard to say but I think they did influence some of the civilizations but I think on a much smaller scale than these on the TV show like us to believe of course this is my own thinking as I find these guys on this show have put plenty of thought in what they have to offer, I am hoping that someday there will be a find of such importance that it will shake up our collective way of thinking that we are the only ones that can do amazing things maybe finding a burred city of advanced materials or a library of alien knowledge ............ of course if such a find did occur how would the worlds governments and scientists handle such a groundbreaking find ? my first thought would be to hide it from us and the world's peoples with denials and coverups kind of how they handled the UFO investigations they keep saying there are no UFO's but with millions of people reporting sightings and airliner pilots reporting these craft yet we keep getting selected personalities on shows telling us we are all having a mass case of hallucinations and trying to back it up with quack so called " experts " and in doing so making the witnesses look like fools.

    Anything that would be found such as mentioned above would have to be done to a world wide audience televised like a presidential election with millions watching then and only then will this discovery be worthwhile then the truth will be finally known and I hope I live long enough to see this day it could be magnificent. Karl


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