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    Cool Space Force? We already have one.

    Back in the 90’s old Ronald Reagan talked about the craft that carries 375 people out into space.

    That craft was the infamous Phoenix lights. This is also the latest moon shot of the large v shaped craft. This craft was launched back when Bob Lazar was hired to draw all people away from every other site and go to Area 51. Meanwhile this giant v launches from area 52 as everyone looks the wrong way.

    Rendalsham forest is also one of ours.

    One big hint, all of our newest are aerodynamic. Like a plane is. Built to cut the air. V shaped arrowhead shaped.

    There is suppose to be a bunch of these single man craft.

    as I see it we have been all over the solar system. I believe the solar system is under going a lot of mining. Not by us.

    I dont know if we should venture out into space. Well the military anyway. Someone should be there that doesn’t think there is a boogie man under every rock. They could start something that gets us all whipped out.

    Anyways, we have a space force “Donny”

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    Hi Litmus, found this related article. You are correct in that there already is a Space Force. There are probably so many other strange things up there over the planet that we do not know about. M.


    Trump Brings the Secret Space Program Out Into the Open--Is Disclosure next?


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