This skull find is so very interesting, especially since they have determined that they belong to hybrids with 'alien' DNA. I was also curious as to how the scientists were going to spin this to make it appear not so sensational. Well, I think someone has done just that with his strange opinions as to the ones who theses elongated skulls belong to.

It is possible that these beings were all over the world and at some time there must have been a genocide, like they did in Israel. So much of our past history have been hidden from us and lost forever, but there will be important finds that will be so profoundly disturbing to our normal ways, that they will cause us to uncover things that have been purposefully hidden from us in the past.

When then beings existed in the world among Humans, they would probably have also had extra 'powers', so Humans would revere them to some degree, even engaging in head-binding as a form of worship. These beings may have well been the ones in power throughout the world; they were after-all Nephilim creatures, just like the ones found throughout the Middle East during the time when the Israelites occupied the land. M.


Elongated Peruvian Skulls May Have Been Elite Humans