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    The Deep State is going nuts over President Trump's meeting with President Putin. It amazes me that they are really so delusional to think that most American do not know what is really happening. Nothing the president does will ever be a good thing for the Deep State. They did not want the men to meet because of what Putin might reveal to Trump about the Deep State, which is exactly what happened.

    Their heads are exploding because the truth will come out and maybe, just maybe, the laws of treason will take effect and they will be brought to justice. They are so scared of Trump and what he knows, that they are all going insane, saying the stupidest things ever. The president is asking about the DNC Server again, with the missing 33,000 Hillary emails. I really think he has it in his possession and is simply taunting them.

    Also, I think it is a good thing that Trump wants to normalize relationship with Russia and stave off WW3. The Deep State seems to be hell bent on wanting to go to war. President Trump is a very wise man and he is ten steps ahead of those Swamp monsters. Winning, Bigly, MAGA. M.


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    Neocons Panic As Trump-Putin Meeting Could Mark Close Of Syrian Proxy War

    Deep State is in a Panic Fearing Putin Shared with Trump Devastating Information Not Yet Reported

    John Brennan Urges Republican ‘Patriots’ to Help Impeach Donald Trump After Putin Meeting

    …7 Times America Kept Talking to Russia After Severe Provocations

    “Mass Hysteria”

    Rabid Wolf Blitzer Flips Out On Rand Paul For Standing With Trump, Questioning U.S. Intel

    Fox News, CNN, MSNBC Throw America Under The Bus In Defense Of War
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