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The BBC is part of the MSM. I watch them just about everyday at 5:30. They hate Trump just as much as the US stations, including the CBC. Fox is actually the only station with unbiased reporting. Thank God we also have independent media, who are reporting the truth. We also established a long time ago that it seems that we will always be on opposite sides of life. Right against Left. Liberalism against Morality.

The derangement of the Left is so very sad and they have no idea what is happening to them, because in their delusion they really believe that what they are doing is right. The entire Left has descended into madness and only those on the Right and those who are sane can see it. M.
from another perspective of fox appeals to those who have the same
predetermined views as their commentators it doesn't make their reporting
unbiased. That's ok. There's the old story of everyone being out of step
but me..... most intelligent people would not agree that either
cnn or fox are unbiased. Nn