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    OK i have to focus. my signs went bad about the lodge. and why there were children upstairs at odd times. same old mistreated kids i guess. they screamed strange. they cried like they were upset to be in the bathroom while the others giggled and laughed.
    strange way to be with siblings. especially cause i know something about the people upstairs. axel rose was used to me.
    i guess he just babysat. never answered the door. i knocked twice. because he said i would know something that it was too late. i dont know. some wierd encrypted message. i think is he burnt and scarey and crippled or something? thats the feeling i got.

    i thought i heard someone falling down up there once so i ran upstairs to see check on him. the message was "needs" i dont know if he thought i would never come up and knock. i put my tshirt on that says, TILL THE SUN COMES UP. and went up. i even went the creepy way. around all the stairs and doors ajar. i usually give people plenty of chances to get me when the voice sounds threatening.

    you know what i did a few years ago? i put him on that Jaimie Sellers seal. there is something about an angel on the door.
    i'm gonna go to another forum. my thoughts about this are about to kill you and seal your tombs. if you know about death, you should be on that door.
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