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did you know a revelation was alot of work? they happened overnight indeed. all night. a night of working thru signs and such. i remember one time i went thru a night of hard work and at the end of a revelation i was always bombarded with signs. it became too much for me one morning that i just couldnt take it anymore. so i decided to go to the river. in missouri a river is always nearby. i had to get away from all communicative media. i wanted to get back to nature for a short, quiet time. so i sit by the river under a tree and i thought..... man! i'll never be able to hide!!! while all the trees next me stood still, the one right over me was bending over with an unseen force. the wind blew so hard thru this tree over my head....
i laughed so hard at this! so much for hiding! i could never get away! people will always know where i am!!! i had so much fun laughing at myself thou.

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    things happen that i just cant explain anymore. the facts lay within the impossible. and i'm tired of fighting people. to the christians, anything is possible with God. why cant God show as all religions manifest? do you doubt? whatever god people believe in, as long as its a true and loving god- that can strike fear in people- why cant God be all religions at once? your a fool to deny the beliefs of children and how they are raised to believe in a supreme being. Aka... One true God. God is everything. again, your a fool to deny a child's belief.
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    i know i get on this site and i sound crazy to most. i talk about things you dont have any connection to. so much happened in a few years that i think alot of people are left very confused. what do you do when its all confidential? people didnt get involved because they didnt want to cause an effect. it drives me crazy. i cant talk about it wholly to others. so i say things here offering my view. i dont know what happened entirely. i believe someone knows what i dont. i have another site i have visited for years and i mentioned this new site on it.
    i dont think its finished yet. i want to explore it more. i think i was meant to catch up with all these thoughts during this time the door has been shut. too much was happening. i think we have to get on the same page to better understand what was going on. i began to feel like everybody was against me. i mean, my mother was telling anyone who called for me that i would be better off dead. and you know..... the causitic mix in the air that made me sic too many times. the ceiling tiles in the bathroom were removed on purpose. why?
    anyway, me and my friend are looking at houses in Alton. it works out for him the best. and i just want to come home. would you believe the place we are looking at has a building on the corner called, Center Stone? isnt that funny? from the corner to nowhere to the center. hehahahah! theres a masonic lodge right there too. but who knows? it will take about 45 days to get the paper work together he said.
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    its funny because the last thing i said on my you tube account, which i cant access right now or even i before i moved here, says, "hide me now" and there is a sign right before the place i live now that says, "NOWHERE?" heaven has a great sense of humor. i never laughed so hard when i lived in the doorway. it was fun.
    if you could only see- by tonic followed by lightening crashes - live
    now you see me. thats what i look like.
    what a coincidence to have those videos pop up in order like that. its hard to document that. you cant take a picture or video a coincidence.

    why cant i access my you tube acccount? i dont know. i goes to some phone i never had. i've had notices in my email account about people trying to access it. good luck to them- i cant access it. besides, i'm such an ass i dont know why anyone would want to take my name on. i'm an embarrasement unless you can do what i do. my credit history is crap. so its not money related.

    so anyway, i'm going to get off this site and take a nap. i'm tired and i know, i'm retarded. i just dont know what to do anymore.
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    1234567890 to anyone who wants to know about michael... i'm not allowed to wake him up. it would bring more grief on me. you are who you are. everytime i look, its fire. he's a major reason that i am where i am. he encouraged a division. its not my fault. i'm sorry. in the past year i have learned that people are in thier dire circumstances for a reason. i wasnt allowed even shoes when i left. i can build a better life. but not if i stay around people who would hurt me for thier own gain. theres nothing there!!! without me, they have nothing to gain. even my pain seems to be a profit to them .
    i will not wake him. he would hurt me as he always did.
    and as my daddy said, "do the ole mud roll"

    i shouldnt be so angry i guess. i'm sorry. i lost everything and i couldnt take it with me. i'm sorry i'm so angry. i'm sorry mike. it will be ok.
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    i watch the news today and its so ironic how sexual assault has made headlines in past year like never before. exactly what i have dealt with since i was thrown out of my home a year ago.
    the irony of spending christmas eve in sin city last year. i was told i could wait out in the truck all night because my friend might bring a woman back to hotel. my friend, jhon, who i wouldnt sleep with. so i ended up playing with these two grimoires of gabriel and uriel. ever seen the picture of dont fear the reaper?? thats what it looked like. two superior views they told me. gabriel said, HELLO! IS NATION WELL? THE OFFICIAL VIEW IS SQUARE SEE THE CUP.
    I CAN CRY FOR FREE. MY TEMPLE! and i thought it was a place. EYGPTIAN?!!! i thought it has a point!!!
    my position is, have you missed the point? i'm a seer. how i say, i can pick up a stone. HAVE YOU SEEN ME?

    say it again and again until you see me.

    the homeless have loss the ability to be equal. we are separated by what they say about us. we think, "is it really eden?" yet, they talk against us. they have stronger ability. like we were thrown to them .

    i can identify with, now that you see me... make me more. i'm not a pick.

    can you stand a little with me? cause i cant stand being touched anymore.
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    1234567890 boring boring boring! exterminate! exterminate! i get so bored these days. do you think 3 tylenol pms along with chamomile tea and a couple shots of whiskey will put me to sleep? i sure hope so. boring. boring. boring.

    or else.... stupid people shouldnt breed. because, mr. hawkings.... they affect my world too. as i said so.... 2 years ago. shall i quote ver batim and piss anyone else off on this site? its a chemical imbalAnce sir. with all due respect again.. and again...and again...
    i' will piss em off.

    i just wanna MAKE IT WIT CHU? qotsa
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    o well. it was apparently nothing i am so heart broken. i was let down by everybody. i lost everything. even my dignity.
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    We are supernatural Beings because we possess supernatural parts as in Soul and Spirit. We can have access to supernatural things through our soul and our spirit. Supernatural experiences can be explained when they are not of the natural world, even though they maybe experienced in your physical reality.

    Paranormal activities are usually related to demons who have interaction with Humans in the physical, usually for negative purposes. These are usually psychic experiences related to the Human soul, as in possessions and other demonic related experiences.

    We also possess spirit and can have spiritual experiences which are always good ones, even if they are not immediately understood, and these are considered supernatural and some may say even paranormal, since they are beyond the physical reality. M.